Yettaw Cottages was founded about 1950 by Thale Yettaw.  Growing up on St. Clair Lake, Thale had been a fishing guide since young childhood.  He enjoyed taking visitors out to find the best fishing spots for which they often rewarded him generously!  Thale passed away in September of 2003.  His wife Wilma ran the resort alone for one year after his death.  The following winter, with encouragement from her daughters, she began interviewing new owners.  She selected Dave & Donna Heeres, neighbors and friends, who she felt would continue the same service and atmosphere that the long-time guests had come to expect.  In April of 2005, Dave & Donna purchased and began to upgrade the facilities in preparation to meet their guests!  Each year, improvements are made to enhance the comforts for the guests.  In 2010, the Yettaw House was converted to a weekly rental unit.  All care is taken to not change the quiet, peaceful atmosphere that guests have come to enjoy and expect from Yettaw Cottages.  We can honestly say that Yettaw Cottages reflects Vacationing the way it used to be!  Won’t you consider staying with us to make memories with your family?